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Curiosity project

Business summary

The global industry landscape is now characterized by the emerging Industry 4.0  paradigm as driving force behind a new industrial revolution that allows companies to increase their competitiveness on the market; a revolution, moreover, that is already having a profound impact not only on manufacturing, but also on its interactions with the rest of the economic environment. In this evolution, physical objects are perfectly integrated into informations network, internet is more and more combined with intelligent machines and will revolutionize production processes.

Curiosity s.r.l. acts by creating re-engineering processes that have as their ultimate goal the increase of competitiveness of the supply in traditional markets. The development direction is the interaction between man and machine, involving 3D scanning and digitizing systems, virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), augmented reality (AR) and all related development infrastructures.

Today we can distinguish different types of reality:

  • RR – Real Reality
  • VR – Virtual Reality
    Virtual Reality is a technology that isolates the user from the so-called RR, the Real Reality, artificially replacing it, completely absorbing the user’s gaze.
  • AR – Augmented Reality
    Augmented Reality is a technology that integrates the Real Reality RR with images and information of all kinds generated by the computer.
  • MR – Mixed Reality
    Mixed Reality has a definition similar to AR, however, contrary to the simple insertion of images and information on RR, it aims at creating an environment where the user can consider virtual objects as really existing.

Curiosity s.r.l. operates in an extremely vast B2B, Business To Business  market: from the world of construction to real estate, from art and cultural heritage to tourism-reception, up to our idea of training with content 4.0.

Curiosity s.r.l. offers high technology services related to 3D scanning, virtual reality, augmented, mixed reality and development of SaaS (Software as a Service) related.

With a very wide market target we will develop different solutions although related to common matrices. With 3D cameras, we can create very high fidelity models of any space, whether internal or external. These models will be the basic block to create immersive tours using virtual reality, BiM (Building Information Modeling) models for the world of construction or any other type of content required in which Curiosity s.r.l. goes to relate the context, real or virtual, the informations, collected or to be collected over time, and the user experience.

With the help of appropriate devices, Curiosity s.r.l. develops solutions, with Augmented Reality where informations are dynamically overlapped on the real world, becoming support to production processes as much as to a visit to an archaeological site.

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